Saturday, 18 June 2011

Pink, pink and …. yep, more pink


A very quick, very pink, very ruffle covered costume we knocked up in a couple of days for a dance show. Denise added trim to an eBay corset, while I made the skirt. Four layers of ruffle on the outside, and another three on the inside. It’s a circle skirt with the waist off centre so it’s longer at the back.


I made the blouse as well, believe it or not, this is the sleeve pattern. It’s this funny shape because it has a slit a the top.


This project involved a very large amount of trim. The dance was to Candyman, so we were going with the sweets and candy, pink and white vibe.


A little something new


I have just finished university, no more lectures, no more essay, time to start real life. But before that we had the graduation ball, so of course a new little dress was required.

I’m not great when it comes to sewing stuff for myself, I get impatient when I know its only me wearing stuff, the number of short and skirts I have held together with safety pins because I couldn’t bothered with that last little button.

I made a bit more of an effort with this though, even bought matching thread and zip, and sewed on the hook and eye. I’m sure I would still have put more effort in if it had been for someone else, but it served its purpose.

And it was a challenge, there were several new factors to work with. The fabric, it being one shoulder, the draping. I was making it up as I went along, so its not perfect, but I’m pretty pleased with it.

I drafted the pattern from my measurements, and I think the fabric is georgette with cotton lining. I must learn to ask the market sellers what I’m buying, my knowledge of fabric names needs some work.

Tunics Again


Photo by Martin Gill

Making the Neck Piece


In total it took about 4 days work to complete the Valkyrie neck piece. It’s scale mail like I was doing before, but instead of the jump rings I was using before, for this one I was using split rings. Split rings are very similar to key rings but these ones are much smaller, about 0.5cm across.


I was using scales of half the size as well, so the whole job was much more fiddly. I used a simple link method for the main body, which means there are two links per scale, but the join at the shoulders was more complicated and involved five links per scale.


Took a while to work out how to to the back, I ended up just making a line of scale, the hole was big enough for it not to need a fastening, it could slip on over the head.