Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A surprisingly speedy result

We had some fun at work today, Denise has been collecting red jumpers from ebay and charity shops for a few months, so today we cut them all up and stitched them together to make her a coat.

I was in charge of the hood and the sleeves, the brief was “BIG”. I think I met it. Its heavier than the clothes I wear, but it was cosy.

It is wonderful for swishing in. I feel like Rincewind the wizard from the Discworld novels.


  1. It's wonderful :) I miss Rincewind.. What happened to that game? <3

  2. Thank you Robin.
    Looby I wish I knew where that game went, I believe we are old and wise enough now to work out how to get past the place we were eternally stuck at.