Thursday, 7 July 2011

Delving into the medieval.

I’ve had quite a time of it lately, after 3 years of student life, I finished uni a few weeks ago, and its time to greet the real world. I’m pretty much sorted now, found a house to live in, and job that will pay the bills – making theatre drapes for Presentation Design Services.

As well as that I have been keeping busy at The Custom Costume Company. Amongst other things at the moment, we are making 3 medieval inspired hoods. The wool is beautiful, the fibres feel felted, you can cut it and it does not fray a bit – wonderful stuff.

I had fun designing all the patterns, I’ve not done much in the way of machine embroidery and applique before. And they did not take any where near as long to embroider as I expected.


The characters wearing the hoods are meant to be from the same regiment (if that is the right word) so patterns had to be recognisably similar, but not identical.

They are at a halfway stage right now.


I think the green one is my favourite.

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