Friday, 9 November 2012

Tick tock...

Where has the time gone? I swear it was July last week. I've been such a busy bee these past few months, and have been utterly hopeless at snapping it all. But yesterday I finally remembered.
I'm currently working for Blunderbus theatre company as their solo costumer for three upcoming shows. It's exciting and challenging and I'm loving it - even when the heater won't turn on!
Mostly I'm making the costumes for their show "A Very Snowy Christmas" about a little mouse and a big mouse. The actresses are lovely but they are decidedly un-mouse-shaped so it's been padding galore the past few days. I was worrying that there wasn't enough wadding in there but after seeing the shape with the britches mock up on I think they're round enough.

You can hear all about the Blunderbus goings on on their Twitter feed @blunderbusbugle

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