Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Working with barely there fabric

I made this dress from Vogue Pamella Roland pattern V1289. The pattern is for a more structured dress but because I didnt want to loose the floatyness of the fabric, so I left out the interfacing layers.
With the fabric being patterned and quite drapey the pleats have more of a gathered look, but I'm pleased with it still.
The disadvantage of this patterned fabric is that the front being cut from one straight and one bias piece is more obvious, I'll need to remember that for next time.
Overall it was a lovely pattern to work with, very clear instructions. Though I went my own way when it came to inserting the zip because I prefer to machine sew the lining in.
I had to recut the bottom hem because the pleats and drapes pulled it on a wonk, and I wanted it shorter anyway (thank you thank you hem marker). But on a sturdier fabric it would probably have been fine.

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