Sunday, 26 December 2010

Corset Time

Seen as I have already made corsets, I left this part until the end because I knew roughly how lng it would take. I did allow a little extra time however, because there were bust gores and feather embroideries to do.
I wanted the feathers to be peeping out from the edges of the gores.
I used calico for the liner, aesthetically its not the best, but it had to be done for time and monetary purposes.
I decided to bone both sides of the panel seams, I really like the stitch lines.
I bias-bound the inner edges at the back and hand-stitched it down.
I made a slight mistake with the bias-binding around the bottom, machine stitched it to the inside rather than the outside. Never mind though, a little bit of unpicking solved that.

Just some flossing at the base of the gores to be done, I tried very hard to stop it from fraying, but the silk was just too delicate.

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