Thursday, 2 December 2010

15 metres of hem later...

Its a pretty huge skirt that's what it is. This is our current project at work, an orange skirt, corset, shrug, jacket and wings for a Venetian ball. The lady is a UK size 10, so rather slim, but the skirt is HUGE!
11 panels worth of huge, that had to be hand mounted onto netting. Took two full days.
It was stitched together at the seams, then I hand sewed the 15 meter fake hem. I thought it would be a job to spread out over about 4 days, 3 panels here 3 panels there so I didn't go insane, but it turns out I find hem sewing oddly therapeutic and I knocked it all out in a day.

So, waist band on, and layered on top of a large crinoline and a 3 layer tiered nett skirt, and Tah-Dah! Happy days.

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  1. It's amazing!! It looks like one of the dresses that 'Anna' wears in the King and I! Oh big sis, I am proud of you :D