Sunday, 26 December 2010

Hair and make-up time

This make-up is absolutely stunning. Make-up is not a skill of mine, but I can aspire.
I poor suffering model Charlie is not very well. I really rushed my make-up testing. Its not perfect but the general idea is there, I think I should extend the black down the nose a little, and out towards the sides.

I always wanted to do a plait for the hair, it is often seen done this way in the pictures of the Valkyrie, but I used the fishtail technique instead of the regular one to mix it up a bit. I think for the photo shoot it would be lovely with some gold metallic thread threaded through it.


  1. I learned how to do really good smokey eye by watching youtube videos. They are a great resource cuz most of the time it's professionals showing you what to do.

  2. Thank you , I hadn't thought of that, I will definitely have a look.