Saturday, 12 February 2011

Regency Gown Toile

I used a combination of patterns and alterations to make this. And seen as I haven’t made a sash yet its tied with a head scarf. Its calico on the top half and an unidentifiable black substance for the skirt.

Obviously it needs a few inches taken off the bottom, but other than that its a pretty decent fit. It is being worn over the corset here, and it covers it all up. I’m trying to decide whether to drop the neckline slightly?


  1. It's starting to look good - but I agree with you, I think the neckline ought to be dropped a bit and perhaps be a tad more rounded?1 xx

  2. Looking at the inspiration pictures, I was going to square off the neckline slightly, it seems to be the way they had it. I was working on the jacket today, I'l post pictures soon.