Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sword Making Part 2


Trace round the 9mm rectangle onto 6mm, and glue onto one side.


Draw out the shape of the sword (a template and ruler help), then cut out (vertical cut, don’t angle yet).


Stick another sheet of 6mm onto the other side of the 9mm.


Using the already cut out area as a template, cut round the newly stuck on plastazote.


Using a ruler and a craft knife carefully shape the plastazote at an angle to look like a blade.


Trim the sword at the end so there is 4.5inches of pole poking out the end. Cut out a 4.5” x 4” piece of soft lead. This is what makes the sword a sufficient weight.


Glue and wrap the lead round the pole at the end of the sword. A hammer helps to get the last bit right.


Glue some 6mm round over the top of the lead, leaving the leather covered bit of pole poking out the end.

This is the point to design what kind of handle and detail to do. Which is what I’m off to do.

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