Monday, 7 February 2011

Unmaking type making


Last week was a different kind of challenge to normal. Instead of carefully pattern cutting and step by step making up, we took a different tack. The project was a post-apocalypse, “Mad Max” style outfit. I started off on a bit or a disadvantage on this, being a bit too young to have seen mad max.


So we started with a box of leather clothes and scraps, then hacked, cut, tore, ripped, and patched away until we had something wearable. Its strangely satisfying to attack leather with scissors.


We then did some repair work with leather scraps and adding rings, patches of fur etc. The whole thing was very rough and ready, see how it looks and have a go, quite playful, and a very different way of working.


After three layers, woollen underskirt, main skirt and top skirt; Denise spray painted the whole thing with black mist, this made such a difference, like it had been worn for years, and survived the end of the world.


Martin was making the male counterpart costume by attacking police protective armour with an electric sander.

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