Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Metric v Imperial - the never ending war

As very much a child of the 90's I really should eschew all thought of feet and inches with a firm hand, this however is not the case. I really should know by now though, that you shouldn't try and do half your measurements in cm and the other half in inches...it just doesn't work. Because it turns out the difference between 3" and 3cm is a badly fitting waistline. So after...
Carefully drawing out the basic block, checking it twice, checking it again,
Writing up the labels,
Getting help to fix the slightly dodgy bust dart that decided it didn't want to be part of the regular block,
Tracing, ironing, rough cutting, laying it all out neatly,
Correcting the massively wrong original labels,
Learning quite how useful a pattern master is at drawing on seam allowances,
Using said pattern master to draw said seam allowances (1.5cm),
Cutting out all the pieces,
Pinning them and stitching them...

Turns out this was an important kind of 3cm. The kind that really needs to be obeyed if you want the newly padded mannequin's cover to fit. The kind that you really shouldn't measure out as 3" when drawing the basic block all those hours ago.
Oh well, lets try again tomorrow.

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