Sunday, 27 June 2010

Tea and silk don't mix!

There are some people in this world, magical, clever people, who can go there entire lives and never ones spill a cup of tea. Then there are the people like me who can't, not that I spill every drink I drink, but the drink that I do spill would be right over my newly made corset wouldn't it. You can just see it in the the top picture, the stain, sat there on the so smugly on the shiny new silk. This time however we bested the tea, and thanks to Denise's speedy daubing with a clean cloth, you wouldn't never know I had been anywhere near it with my beverage.
Anyway back to the corset, well technically a waist-nip or corselette. I made it two weeks ago as a present for my sisters 17th birthday. Before this I had done lots of fabric mounting, and post sewing prep work, but I had never made an entire corset from start to finish. It was surprisingly nerve racking at some points, mainly sewing the seams that would be visible from the outside, I felt a lot of pressure to produce straight seams. And thankfully they turned out better than I expected.
The facing fabric is a gorgeous green silk, mounted onto calico, and it is lined with a beautiful gold silk embroidered with wheat sheaves also mounted onto calico.
I made my own bias-binding tape for the top and bottom edges by cutting a 5.2cm wide diagonal strip out of the silk.
I then used this wonderful little contraption known as a bias-binding maker. Its so simple, but it works so well. You feed the fabric strip in one end, and when you pull it out the other end its bias-binding shaped. Simply iron flat, and job done. Brilliant!

I bound the bottom edge (above), inserted the eyelets, inserted the bones, and bound the top edge. I need to improve my time planning slightly as I was still slightly frantically hand sewing the top binding on the train home to deliver my present. Not the easiest thing to do, though easier than sewing on the bus.

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