Sunday, 27 June 2010

One Scoop or two?

I work as much as I am allowed at The Custom Costume Company. I get to help make all sorts of goodies, we have just finished a little project that has been nicknamed "The Ice-cream Dress", mainly due to the yummy colours and the two huge scoops on both arms.
My jobs included stitching the trim onto the cuffs,
and hand sewing the sleeve mounts into the sleeves using invisible stitch, so there are no raw edges, or even over-locked edges visible inside.
I also helped to finish off the bustle, which goes under the skirt and gives it its shape.

This involved stitching the hook and eye onto the waistband more firmly than any hook and eye have even been stitched before. These things will never be moved again, ever! They have to hold up the entire bustle with the weight of the skirt atop it, and what with all the pompoms, this is quite a weight.
I also stitched the ends of the triangles of lace down to prevent them flicking up and getting caught on things.
And finally I finished off the hem by hand sewing lace and more pompoms over the ram edges.
I also made the white blouse underneath the jacket. I made that entirely solo, it was nice to do something from scratch by my self and I was pleased by how it turned out.

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