Monday, 13 September 2010

Back and Busy

So I'm back from Ghana, after having an absolutely amazing time, and after a few days rest it was straight back into creativity mode. It feels so good to be making stuff again, the most sewing I did the entire time I was away was a bit of mending.
Denise had been working really hard on tunics while I was away, but there was still about 6 left, so I set to work on them. The basic shape is really simple, but with all the embroidery and edging and yolks we are lucky to finish 2 in a day. We make them in batches though, like a conveyor-belt system but without the conveyor-belt.
One of them had to be extra special, so I filled in the some of the machine embroidery with metallic thread satin stitch. It came out looking slightly evil, because of its now apparently glowing eyes, but I was pleased with it. The metallic thread was a lot thinner than the embroidery thread I am used to working with, so I had to be extra careful.
Here is one of the many tunics before it got sent off. They certainly are cosy.
Whilst I was tunicking, Denise was beavering away on a trail for a new project; wings! Lots of foam, contact glue and latex paint, stuff I haven't really ever used before, so it will be an interesting process to watch. One thing though, permanent pen absolutely loves to rub off foam onto arms.

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