Monday, 20 September 2010

How does it end up needing so many pieces?

I've acquired a bunch of new historical corset patterns that I have just begun to work through., there is the slight problem however that they are in French. Second to English, French is my best language, however that is not saying much, and beyond being able to buy a croissant and tell my sister she is a lemon it is pretty limited. And when it comes down to nitty gritty pattern directions it is nil, pity really scene as this one is covered in lovely little notes which I'm sure would be really helpful if I knew what they were.
So anyway, I'm jumping in blind, and managed to get all the pieces cut, and mostly all mounted this evening. Its a six piece pattern, so with outer fabric (the flowery one), two layers of calico, and the liner (The blue and green bits), that's 24 individual pieces. I admit in advanced corset terms its not a ridiculous amount, but they do seem to be everywhere.

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