Monday, 7 March 2011

Jacket starts to look like a Jacket


After the drama of the numerous toiles for the jacket, the actual thing came together pretty quickly. The pulling across the back is just the photo, I double checked it. I’m pleased with it, historically I think the back should be smaller, but I widened it for the sake of my model, Lee has to wear this for a couple of hours and he found the accurate version far too uncomfortable, something I can’t really expect him to suffer through when he’s doing it for free.


Of course, I couldn’t leave it all plain; and the nice, cheap shops on the market were not doling up the goods, so… a £16 trip to John Lewis was called for.


A few hours of hand sewing, and it looks a bit more decorative. I used a strip of gold ribbon and a piece of cording for each stripe. I discovered that ironing a small strip of interfacing onto the ribbon made it stay a lot straighter when I stitched it to the jacket. Each stripe involved ironing the ribbon into shape, stitching it down, then couching the braiding over the top. Now I just need to add the bias binding and the pockets.

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