Monday, 7 March 2011

The Vanishing two Inches


Well the toile fitted, I know it fitted, I have photographic evidence that it fitted. So I kept the pattern exactly as it was, and made the real thing. And…tah-dah, 2” magically disappear somewhere, I can’t even close it! How it happened I just can’t work out, the seam allowances are right, it matches the pattern. Lee said he’d had a big lunch, but you don’t store food in your chest? It’s a puzzle I can’t solve, so I moved on, and made another one, with added inches.


Much better, this one closes; and he can breath, always a bonus.



  1. Always useful to let your footman breath love!
    This new one is looking good - mainly because it fits!
    Were shirts always so patterned? I didn't know that. I sort of assumed it'd be white learn something new every day! xx

  2. Don't worry, the shirts were white, that one is just the toile.