Saturday, 12 March 2011

Starting work on the dress.


I finally started work on the actual dress, I wanted to get the footman out of the way first because I was less confident about that one.


I cut out the pieces the other day and set to it yesterday. The outside is embroidered silk, the inside is brown cotton. I was going to just stitch it together, no embellishment, but it looked a bit plain, so I thought I’d add some piping.


I’ve done a little bit of piping before at work, but not much. I used the brown cotton of the liner to make it.


It was definitely the right decision, the edge is a lot smoother.


The puff sleeves look really cute, they keep their shape better than the toile because I puffed the lining as well.


Though I did get a bit carried away stitching the liner, so I have to hand sew round the cuff edge rather than the shoulder seam.

1 comment:

  1. I love that fabric Ruth, it's so gorgeous! You were dead right to add the piping, it makes the whole thing look smoother and so much more 'finished off'! xx