Monday, 5 July 2010

I like the other way better.

As far a I can tell so far from the little I know of corsetry, there are 3 methods of putting together a corset. There is the hand sewing way, sewing all the channels through al the layers then hand sewing the panels together. There is the sew everything together as you go way, which involves sewing the facing an lining panels together with the same seam working outwards from the centre front. And the last way, the way the book says. Seen as its what my book advises I thought I would try it, sewing all the facing panels together, all the lining panels together, then sew both sets together at the ends, turn inside out and sort out the channels.
So far I'm not very impressed, it definitely takes longer than my usual (on all the other two corsets I have ever made) method, and I don't think the results are as good. I cut out the fabric as accurately as possible, but the lining is still bagging. I am currently working on the steps for sewing in the boning channels, tacking stitches "in the ditch" at the panel joins. I went with the denim for the liner in the end, and the ever so slight stretch it has is not really helping either.

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