Sunday, 11 July 2010

Tale of the Mad Hatter

The latest Custom Costume Company project is a hat, something we have not attempted before. It is of the cute miniature kind, the kind that perches on neatly arranged hair, and assists the look; rather that squashing the do flat and providing the wearer with the oh so dreaded "hat hair".
Lots of layering is involved, buckram for stability, felt for padding, silk for decoration. This means lots of sewing (although admittedly not as much as a full sized hat) through lots of layers, thankfully this part wan't my job. I could tell how tough the work was by the pinkness of the fingertips and the pile of bent and broken needles.
Now came my bit, sewing on the bias binding. The circumference of a circle is deceptively long.
After adding the elastic (to aid with delicate head perching) I pinned in the lining.

Beads and silk flowers at the front and feathers at the back were the final touch. I learned the hard way that it is definitely not the best idea to bend up the brim and fix it in place before adding the beads. I had to use a needle so curved it was almost a complete circle in order to stitch these on.

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