Sunday, 11 July 2010

Tutorial: Modesty Panel

The modesty panel is the rectangle of fabric that goes in the space behind the lacing on a corset. It is much neater than skin when you aren't wearing anything underneath the corset.
The size of the rectangle is the width of the gap in the lacing plus about 2", by the height that will look right, this varies corset to corset depending on the style, so its a matter of personal choice. Cut this out on the fold of your corset fabric, plus seam allowances.
Then cut out the same again from a lining fabric, I used black cotton.
Put both fabric pieces together, fold so the lining is on the outside, and pin.
Sew around the edge leaving a 2" gap for turning.
Snip the corners.
Turn the right way out and press.
Sew around the edge of all four sides.
Pin the long side of your rectangle to on side of the corset. I have slide mine under the bias binding because there is a gap, but if this is not the case it doesn't matter.
Stitch down with small neat stitches. If the modesty panel is probably going to be removed the just tack it..
Remove the pins.
Iron the panel in the direction it will lie, over the eyelets.

Finished, now it is ready to lace and wear.

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